Sanluri Stato
09025 Sanluri (VS)
Sardegna - Italy
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Few things we are able to pass the time as the trees. The olive tree is the first of these, if not capable of its own memory itself. These trees and their innate vocation to witness the encontested will of the kind we have dedicated this project. Not even to say the idea is simple: we give you the ability to sustain growth oun and olive tree that is small, seemingly insignificant and unprotected trees involve to defend the domains of nature against and indifference.

Never before has our land claimed by those statements that tangible evidence of belonging.

Amazingly, very few can see a horizont and say that a break there is a tree that has envolved and defended.

So few know how to recognized that, that tree can grow in their own wayto defend ourselves.

Your tree will be marked by a sign identifyng and cured, even when you can not a by our company.

As you know olive oll is not the time spent in vain and will take you on the table its annual production of olives, oil and product from our farm to renew the pact of friendship that you wanted.

At this point it is easy to foresee that after the few years we will repair to his shadow and reap its fruit, compare what has grown, compare to the other children and find the time and season, at last here, have worked for you.
Coop Strovina '78 albo cooperative n 0A159364 a mutualita' prevalente - P.IVA 005723220927
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