Sanluri Stato
09025 Sanluri (VS)
Sardegna - Italy
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The project "rears a little sheep" is an iniziative aimed of yhose who have not forgotten that the food of our tables have a source that are made by places, animals and people whose name and faces eager to be know.

Pino, for example, is the shepherd all- round, that takes car of the sheep raised on our farm. He is a shepherd all-round capable recognizing the leaders one by one and speak to its strengh and weaknesses as a family. And as a family takes care of its need and its problems.

In short, is one that deserves to be known, from this consideration opinion we have come up with the idea of aftering the chance to share this experience with those who don't have the space to have their own flock and put the cheese on the table.

The idea is easy: give you the opportunity to raise a sheep from a distance, to give him the name you want, to come and visit her whenever you like in our company, while Pino continuing to care her for you and he continues to run free for the fields.


As you know, nature is generous, and your sheep will reciprocate your support with a range of farm products like cheese, meat, saffron, textiles etc...

Of course, once you have chosen the name of your sheep, you will receive the certificates of farming complete with photograph and code of stable.

In the image in the top you can see three small raised on the their visit to the sheep. Each visit is always a fun opportunity to get to know and to meet other farmers from more different backgrounds
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