Sanluri Stato
09025 Sanluri (VS)
Sardegna - Italy
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When in Italy began the first isolated experience of teaching form all of us imagined just how many activities to bring an audience more accustomed to the real picture of farm life.

There was a spontaneus slogan we used: "farm's knowledge and tastes", it especially liked the fact that those knowledge and those taste for us were "normal", instead, extraordinary for an increasing number of people.

This, of course, made us witreness and leaders of an experience of great importance in the knowledge of a boy. So began the first visits and the first laboratories to enable the students to be among the animal and crops without fears and discover the spaces and times of the country.

Today, the school, but also spontaneous groups of friends can choose from variety of pathways that involve almost all aspect of life in the farm.

  • The milk, from the milking to the cheese and tasting of the product.
  • From grain to freshly baked bread and tasting the product.
  • The vegetable garden, soll preparation, transplanting and management.
  • The vineyard variety, management, harvesting.
  • Fruits, varieties, management and collection.
  • The outdoor pig rearing, feeding and management
  • Visit to the farm animal (chicken, goats, uinea fowl, ned oxen, ostriches, horses, donkeys)
  • Visit to the cultivated field, wheat, barley, oat, alfalfa, triticale, clover, for grazing.
  • The olive grove, its management, the olive harvest.
  • Water, as is "born", as you are using. Is protected as an asset so valuable
  • How to create the composting.


In addiction to these it is possible to agree new pathways and project with our guest.
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