Sanluri Stato
09025 Sanluri (VS)
Sardegna - Italy
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With this challenge we invite you to attend a rural "party", with tipically has gladdened our family for generation "make" the pig, for us, means make the party to the domestic pig.

In the tradition of civilization, raising a pig in his yard was an habit and a need for each household, not only, raised with all the care was a source of pride for the owners.

In early january began to preparate for the slaughter, and since the meet must be processed as quickly as possible, all partecipated at the household and often, many relatives and friends.

With the new wine and the company disapeared fatique easily and now were preparing spits and ovens for lunch.

In afternoon there was preparing to sack the sausages, cut fillets and steaks, up to the anatomical part, because you know, the pig doesn't throw anything.

Finished the work of slaughter, cleaning and processing is now preparing a number of packages containing a selection of meat and sausage products during the day.

These were distributed to friends, guests, neighborn, relatives, and all those, recognized as people nearby - more that friends. This was the beginning of  a circuit because in every family would have returned the calls and packages.

Our, then, is an invitation to share this event by learning the art of norcineria, in a festive atmosphere that allows us the first-hand what then, it will prepare the various cuts, and the casing for stuffing the sausages, lard, cotechino, and choose what to cook together in the diving room.

The activity continues throughout the day until the evening, when everybody can finally enjoy the moltitude of forms and processes that have taken our hog and so take away a selection of meats and sausages for their staff and provided a very useful store of knowledge that allow us to judge and choose better when we are facing at the counter of the butcher.
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